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Member Privileges, Storage Space, Image Sizes


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Here is an overview of Member Privileges.

If you have created an account you are a Member with access to the following:

General Forum
  • can view member lists, profiles
  • can mention @user x3 per message
  • can create new content tags
  • can create and edit signature
  • can view, create, comment and edit profile posts
  • can upload an avatar
  • can use bookmarks
  • can report content
  • can view, post, like,
  • can edit for 10 minutes
  • can delete post, however, delete thread requires moderator
  • can edit thread title for 10 minutes
  • can view and upload attachments
  • can tag your own thread
  • can vote on polls
Conversations (Private Messages)
  • can create, receive conversations with up to 5 members
  • can add, view, download, like, rate, delete and tag resources
  • can view, add, delete, edit, like, tag, comment, crop, rotate images
  • can view, create, upload, edit, delete, like, comment, tag
Storage and File sizes
  • 100 MB storage quota (you can upload 200 images @500KB each)
  • 1600 x 1600 pixel maximum image dimensions
  • 1MB max file size for images
  • 10MB max file size for video
Additional Privileges
  • Community Volunteers (CV-BEES), Quality Assurance Verification (QAV-BEES) and Beta Team (BETA-BEES) members will have additional privileges based on their user group.

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Yes it's a good list. Having it available will help new folks to the forums learn what they can accomplish.