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Keukenhof 2020


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If I'm not suppose to post this link then please remove it but I thought it would be nice for my friends all over the world to be able to "travel" to the Netherlands and visit the most famous flower exhibition we have here. The Keukenhof was closed due to corona but nature doesn't obey human law so the flowers came in full bloom and nobody was there to admire them.
They filmed the park and uploaded those video's to their YouTube and other social media.
I placed a link here of the virtual tour. In the left upper corner you will find a button with wich you can turn around and have a 360 view, now it's not like the actual thing but I thought maybe it will brighten your day a bit.
Stay safe!

Keukenhof Virtual Tour


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Love visiting flower gardens. I've been to a couple spectacular ones, including Buchart's in BC Canada, but none of the European ones. Maybe someday. Lovely video....wish I was there.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Thank you for that Pom. That was a great video, and the Keukenhof Gardens look fabulous. How many acres are there, as it appeared to be huge?


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Keukenhof was originally thé exhibition for everbody who has their business in flowers. From florists to people who need flowers for events.
It's the exhibition where the growers show of the trends, the knowledge, the new colors for the coming year. Aaaand who gets a flower named after them, big thing and honor when there is a tulip named after you.

It has become a major tourist attraction since.


That was pretty cool, but I have a few complaints...

first off where’s the kitchen? If it’s a kitchen garden, I expect to see some pie or roast pork... but okay, it’s probably a metaphor, euphemism or a reference to an old dirty joke...

The other thing is, I like the first person shooter view, but where are the rocket launchers and flamethrowers?... I didn’t see any way to arm my character or any power-ups to pick up... maybe they were in the flower beds?... I couldn’t get into them to search.
And no mutants... not one...?
There was that weird lecherous squirrel in the shrubs by the white shed, but that doesn’t really count... and there’s a well...
A WELL!... and the camera just goes by it without allowing me to explore it... or even throw something down it.
That has to lead to the next level...
It was pretty and all, but I couldn’t find out my score either.

At least it was quicker than the online BBC Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy game... which is good, because I obsessed over that for quite a while...
Too long... but this could have done with at least one Haggunenon or Vogon...

-insert pause of several minutes-

Okay... I played it again, I get it now... it’s like Myst... there is some mystery I have to solve... The flowers have to be a clue.
I’m guessing it’s based on the Tulip Mania financial crisis of 1637...
It’s gotta have some time travel elements...
I don’t get the purpose of those green cylindrical droids that appear next to the paths, but I’m sure they will unlock the blue boat... maybe if I can throw one down the well, I’ll be able to get into that caretaker’s shed and find a shovel or a flamethrower...
It took me forever to solve Myst and Riven...
Well, thanks for giving me something to do besides reading news stories about the horrible state of affairs here...


What I thought was reality is the real game and I have to escape the surreal nightmare...
Seriously... this reality game has the worst plot and writing and the villains make the corporate bad guys from Robocop look like freakin’ geniuses.
Megh... I’m gonna go play the tulip game instead, it’s got a more believable plot and there is no amorphous orange goblin pooping up the shrubbery... so that’s a refreshing change.



So it does mean kitchen court... and the place is a showroom of sorts for tulip bulb growers... my insanity has some foundation...
Well... technically all insanity has a “foundation“... from head injuries to brain termites, something is responsible.
Though honestly with me it’s more of a conscious choice.
I like it and it gives me good excuses to pop out of cabinets wearing a gorilla costume... though recently I’ve begun to consider switching to a Pennywise outfit... I think people will enjoy that more.
Everyone loves clowns... No?

After reading the Wikipedia article, I’m wondering if the sale of the castle in 1638 actually did have anything to do with the “Tulip Mania” financial crisis...
I didn’t find any information on that, but lots of wealthy people lost their fortunes in that “speculative bubble”, though it was more ordinary people who staked their life savings on bulb futures and got wiped out.
An interesting side note is the collapse of the bulb market was preceded by an outbreak of plague in Haarlem which disrupted the major bulb auctions... yet another lesson to be learned from history.
That financial disasters and disease outbreaks could go hand in hand... who’d have thunk it...
Oh yeah... anyone with a brain.
Still history seems too boring to some people who are in a position that familiarity with it would seem to be a job requirement.
Probably why we keep seeing it repeat itself.

Damn it, I’m getting serious again...

I need to go find a thread I can make insane comments in to distract me.

Cheers... and thanks for the link to the video... it was fun, my daughters loved it.