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  1. daywalker03

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    Yeah, I do these too. Sometimes I just have got to tell a story, even if it's not got many words to go with it.

    The first one I'm going to share is an updated version of one I did last year entitled "Judgement without cause". The girl in the image is being bullied because she's different, and is being reminded by her older friend that the humans have always feared those that were different in some way, but that despite their unusual exteriors, they are little different than those that tease her.

    Judgement without cause 2.jpg
  2. Carrie58

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    Love this .......
  3. quietrob

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    It's an excellent concept and a needed lesson. I do wonder if it should be lit a little better.
  4. daywalker03

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    Yeah, too bad some folks don't get that crying about their fears actually makes them seem bigger than what they are. Had someone actually chastise me for a journal I posted on deviantArt last fall after the election where I tried to get people to see that focusing on their fears wouldn't help the situation.

    As for the darkness , I was actually testing how well Iray could handle a darker lit scene. This version looks clearer than the original did, but then I think I ended up stopping that first version due to it being done entirely on CPU and it may not have been fully cooked.
  5. quietrob

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    That taking forever (at least on my machine) for DS to finish a scene without artifacts is a concern of mine. This extends itself to Poser Superfly though @seachnasaigh has gven us some nice guidelines and examples to reduce that render time in Poser. Perhaps you can port this information to the DS platform.

    It is natural for people to focus on their fears. You can give people nine positive outcomes and they'll focus on the tenth negative one. It's human nature. Also for a child, everything is magnified, everything is simple, clean and pure until it is tainted. Down south in the USA Parents didn't mind their children playing together though they were of different races but as soon as they hit a certain age, co-mingling and friendships were no longer allowed. Racism and prejudice, the true theme of your piece is a learned concept or one of evil to the ignorant mind.

    Someday, I think the Aliens will come here, look at you and me side by side and say, "Hmph. All of these human look alike."
  6. Desertsilver

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    Or maybe ( if they are like us) they will start selecting out and breeding Albinos, freckled skins, ebony skins- I' ve often thought ( I have family members who have been shunned and feel great shame in their Vitligo skin) that if Aliens came here, and raised humans the way we raise animals, they would adore the beautiful patterns in Vitiligo the way we love paint and pinto horses : )
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  7. quietrob

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    It is a shame that others always try to find some logic in hateful behavior. I'd mention some cases but I don't wish to start another war. The Beautiful Alisa is always watching. I know what it's like to be shunned for the shade of one's skin or even the tone and cadence of one's voice. Life is too short to deal with such nonsense.

    The Aliens will most like do selective breeding and herd breeding as well. There's this book called, "To Serve Man"...
  8. Satira Capriccio

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    Wasn't that featured in an old Twilight Zone episode?
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    Exactly. I just hope I end up as a decent dessert!
  10. Miss B

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    Funny, I hadn't thought of that until I just read your comment. Now I'll be thinking about that episode the rest of the night.
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  12. Carey

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    really sharp work
  13. Carey

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    Been watching documentaries about the book of enoch which predates the bible by a few hundred years, course there is no such battle recorded and I have a lot more study to do before I can say it is anything but interesting, really this was just an excuse to use a bunch of special effects...lol Thanks for your kind attentions...
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  16. Bonnie2001

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    I really like this render. The clothing fit is perfect especially on the older character and the modeling of the younger one looks original to me. Also the room and prop textures are very nicely done.
  17. daywalker03

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    Thanks; the younger one actually is a custom sculpt in zBrush, if I remember correctly.
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