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Issues with Dawn & Dusk


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Well my beta testers are all returning with issues for the morphs. This is in Poser 11. They all work as expected for me even using a freshly loaded Dawn & Dusk and loading up the morphs. So not sure why there are so many issues.

What I have are two custom body morphs, one for Dusk (Tommy) and one for Dawn (Tina). I was able to achieve something pretty close to these body shapes but using the dials but then saving out the dialed shapes as Body morphs and then later as a Full Body Morph including the ZBrush created face shapes is still causing issues.

I need some help here and since is there original home I'm hoping someone in the know can help me

Again this is Tommy and Tina for POSER 11 and up. So if there is a tutorial for:

1) Properly saving out a custom ZBrush morph and have it work as expected
2) Applying the Head morph and then saving out the Body and Head morphs as a FBM
3) Saving out a DIALED body shape properly so it applies and then
4) Saving out the DIALED body shape along with the custom Head morph as a FBM

Thanks so much!


No longer have a working copy of zBrush. I lost mine in a hard drive crash 6 or 7 years ago but you haven't mentioned how you are moving the obj file. GoZ is your friend. If not using GoZ then there are a lot of things to check. Mess up the winding order or change the number of vertices and it going to fail. What geometry did you use for the injection? What is your tester's problem(s) with the morph. There is a huge body of work on this subject. How to make a morph in Poser 11. Google is your friend and just using the last sentence I've typed will give you the answers you are looking for. Mind you, without checking; I would expect each of your bullet points to return valid search responses. Rendo has all the info you need in the zBrush forum as well.


Wolff Playing with Beez!
Contributing Artist
The issues were resolved from within Poser so all is well. The Delete Morph allows you to just delete areas that are affecting other areas in the wrong way so I did that. Had to do it twice for Tommy, once for Tina but my testers are pleased it's all going in the right direction now! WOOT