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ImagineX Renders


Since I am new to the Hive - I thought I would share some renders I have done. There is no specific theme here, these are just renders I thought turned out ok. I wanted to share them with my new Hive friends! I would love to see YOUR renders as well - I love great art and I have seen some very talented artists here at the Hive. Thank you all for being so welcoming to the community.
Make My Day.jpg
Sci-Fi Warrior.jpg
CutiePie on Phone.jpg
Sole Survivor 02.jpg


Contributing Artist
I particularly like the one with the Girl in the rain. Her skin is perfect with the water drops (actually done so well you kinda notice that the clothing and gun doesn't have any).


Contributing Artist
I had been going to ask what that was from...I can see it being used for some fantasy style renders. At the moment I'm focused on kids but sometimes you need a bit of bizarre!