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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


a lot get's removed over there including references to the contest's first runner up's submission being an obvious Midjourney render, both gallery and forum posts.

Newslettter with winners

I am running Stable Diffusion on my own PC using a couple GUI versions as well as Visions Of Chaos so churning out a crapload of AI "art"
especially Deforum videos
I did have a Midjourney subscription for a month but it's too dear Downunder (and too addictive, got nothing else done)
I am sorry though, I consider it entertainment not art, at least not mine

posting mostly because I love Stezza's renders and really really dislike the utter hypocrisy being shown on that forum
"I consider it entertainment not art, at least not mine"
Wendy, this is the PERFECT definition!


Dream Weaver Designs
As promised, the render I started for the Daz Mythical competition that I then ran out of time to do so took the time to finish how I really wanted to rather than rushed :)


Dances with Bees
do things go bump in the dark in your Runtime?

things disappear mysteriously?

Your objects folder could be possessed! .... by an entity!

This cube was pushed and pulled in Carrara until it manifested into this ghostly thing with the help of morphs and getting boned...

experiment with it but be warned.... do it in moderation!

if you're game enough find it in the zip file over there ..... maybe ....



Contributing Artist
~Milk Bath~

It is uncertain if women have indeed bathed in milk for thousands of years, but it has been documented that Nero's wife, Poppaea, certainly did it 2000 years ago. It is believed that milk can rejuvenate skin through its lactic acid component, which can break down dead skin cells, and also the skin can absorb its moisture. The result is claimed to be a younger and healthier skin. Image composed in Stable Diffusion and Paintshop.



Contributing Artist
I did this up for the freebie contest I run over in Daz 3D forums!!
Great image!
I was going to enter that contest, just for the hell of it, but ran out of time to do the render how I wanted. I am still working on, it as now I can take the time to do it right, if anyone is interested I can post it here when done. It's an Arthurian inspired piece :)
I'm glad you posted it. It's a wonderful render! Am I right in assuming your Dreamer over on Fantasies attic also?

~Grim Reaper~

A fun Halloween experiment with 3D and AI.

* LEFT: Character made in Poser, background in Stable Diffusion, postwork in Paintshop.
* RIGHT: AI reinterpretation of my 3D render in Stable Diffusion.

I apologize for full female frontal nudity.

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I much prefer your 3D version

@wendyluvscatz I totally agree with your definition in regards to AI.

Sorry for all the quotes. I normally get the red dots for notification but for some reason it didn't do that with this thread.

Here's an image I did for Halloween.

Grim wearing M4's regency outfit and carousel from the carnival series from Daz. I went looking for the Big tent as somehow I missed buying it it's amazing what the price is for it now.
grim at the carnival.jpg