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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


Fighting for ideas....I blame the heat....so while I continue to struggle I had a play, sort of doodling with Poser.

Kit Bash HW.jpg

In the blue corner is the kit bash, - Outfit is Pink LUV Idol Suit for Dawn by Evilinnocence with heart belt removed and suit re-textured. The top is from Dazzling Denim for Dawn by NapalmArsenal + Sanbie Creations re-textured to match suit and the boots are from Fashion Forward One by This Ain't Rocket Science

Red corner is a straight re-texture of Rider Action Outfit again by This Ain't Rocket Science. Leather materials are from Fabric Frenzy-Leathers Vol. 1 from Deecey.

Both rendered in Superfly.


I like the supply truck Caoimhe's driving. :)
The truck is Terra RVR by DzFire, it is the first time I have used it, straight from the box as it were with the exception I have played with the materials. Not that the supplied materials are bad I was just playing.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Ohhhh, DzFire has always done nice stuff. I have a few of his older products.


It was day twelve and there was still no sign of Turlough, she was sure he would be looking or at least she had thought that but as the days passed she was beginning to doubt it. Soon she would be out of water and rations but she had no desire to leave her place of relative safety but she might have to, it was a risk she did not want to think about.

Parkside point HW.jpg


By the time Turlough had found her, Caoimhe had long given up on the daily ritual of looking across the water in search of any rescue. The food had run out days ago and the water not long after. Her only possible chance to find food or water was to return the mainland but she had dreaded the thought and had put it off for too long. She now longer had the strength to row to the shore and the belief anyone was looking for her. The nutrient tablets were little help they were intended to work in assistance with food, not replace it. Still it was all she had left.

Parkside point Down and Out HW.jpg