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I accidentally bought a product that was an add-on to an original product


I bought a product, Bees Of The World, that was an add-on to the Nature's Wonders Bee. I didn't realize it at the time. I had mistakenly thought it was a standalone. It turns out I need Ken Gilliland's Bees first. I went to Renderosity and could not find it there. I came back here and read that not all products will be going over to Renderosity, since some are obsolete. Nature's Wonders Bees, however, has an iRay version (the reason why I bought it), so I can't see that as being obsolete yet. Will that product be going over to Renderosity eventually, or has it not been accepted? If not, then is there a way I can get Nature's Wonders Bees here, through Ken himself, through some kind of transaction via a paypal, patreon conduit? Let me know.

Thank you for your time!


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Kens stuff will be going to Renderosity. The transfer of products isn't complete yet (as you can imagine, there are thousands of products from the HW store going over). The ones Ken has in the Rendo store currently are ones that he's uploaded manually so he had stuff in the store. We just have to be patient with the rest of the stuff getting transferred.


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Hi, Moonacre-As noted, all of Ken's products that were at HiveWire will be in Ken's Renderosity store. The 2 that are there now were never at HiveWire - they are new. Additionally, there are about 21 products that were updated but we were unable to upload to the HiveWire store, which will be in the store at Renderorsity.

Once all the products that are being moved to Renderosity are there, they anticipate being able to transfer customer records for those products.
When they are ready for that step, they will notify me and I will create a new thread in the Meadow, explaining what customers need to do in order for that to happen for them.

The Meadow


@Alisa, @Kerya. @Rae134, Thank you for the quick reply! You're right, it will take time. I just wanted to make sure that at some point they would be transferring over. ;) For the first time last night, I tried to use the Bees of the World, but nothing would open because of the obviously missing files. That's when I realized I had accidentally bought an add-on. Yikes! When I failed to find the needed product at Rendo, my heart just fell. But it's good to know they will eventually show up there, along with some bonus updates. That's going to be wonderful!

Again, thank you all for your replies! :)