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How to install and find your HiveWire 3D content in DAZ Studio


Gluten for punishment here, Decided to try to set up daz studio...Started by playing with the app Daz Central on my mac.. First thing I looked at were assets, but seeing no place to sit, I figured out the word assets must mean something else. I looked over and saw all the things I had purchased over the last twenty five years from daz. The list was very very long, massive as a matter of fact. It seemed to want me to install them....After 10 hours of steady installing I decided to try and figure out where all these files were installing to...ahhh yea right...Now I could most likely spend the next 6 months 8 hours per day installing, this would not only suck, but also I kind of need to know where the files are going. At this point I have questions, not even sure where to start asking though.


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If you are trying to install things you bought at DAZ or figure out where they are going, please start another thread, Carey :). This thread is only for installing things bought at HiveWire, which need to be manually installed