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How old is baby Luna


I am currently working on a render with Diva and Luna - and I know that Diva is around 5-6 years old - but how old is Luna?! Given her size, I would guess she's around 2.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Good question, as I'm not sure if an actual age was established for Luna. She's a "baby", so 1 or 2 years old would certainly seem about right.

carmen indorato

The problem I have had with all the Poser babies since Poser4 has been in trying to create a new born to one year old aged versions.
Would be a great add-on pak offering good morphs to give these babies more useability like that. I have found visual charts on- line depicting humans at all ages from toddlers to adult sizes side by side but spinning those wheels don't always give the same results without knowing morph tools and magnets. But good set of morphs could solve that problem. I always liked the shape of the P4 baby but was frustrated with the feet whose toes were frozen into one curled position and the poor textures created at the time for it. Better textures and joint fixes and better morphs would have done wonders for that figure.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
According to the Baby Luna has Arrived!!! post by Chris on the old forums, Baby Luna is able to go from newborn to 2 years old, but base Baby Luna is 4 months old. (Remember, Baby Luna includes a newborn morph.)

This baby was modeled as a base to be 24 inches tall compared to Dawn and Dusk, which would make it about 4 months old, but we also have options for it be a newborn at 20 inches tall. We're confident that this baby has the ability with scaling and shaping morphs available to make it believable as even a 2 year old.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Ohhh, totally forgot about that morph. I should've remembered, as I've seen renders of Dawn and/or Dusk holding an infant.