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How Do I...


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
what i do is...select the island...invert...create a new layer and with it still selected change to the new layer and fill the selection..so you can have a new layer coloured over the uvmap ....if you want to select something in an image and create a new layer with the part copied is easy too...select...copy and with it still selected paste...it will paste in a new layer in the same point...then deselect and use the new identical layer there...i jope explained well and helps!


Easy. Select the part of the uv map you want and then press CTRL + J ---- instant new layer with your selection in the correct place.
I'm the least PS person on the planet, but if I 2 images open and wanted the 2nd image to lay perfectly over the 1st without moving, I used to use Shift + something (don't remember the something) does that ring a bell with anyone?


Contributing Artist
I love PS and I'm still coming to terms with Painter...what I normally do before I start texturing is I create a layer with a transparent background and each piece of the uv in mid grey. I normally do this by using the magic wand to select the background of the uv, invert the selection and expand by 2-5 pixels depending on the map, create a new layer and fill with mid grey. Any writing on the background I just select and delete.
It's easy then to just use the magic wand to select which part you want and I use the mid grey background as the beginning of my bump/displacement maps as for DS that's 0, any darker will create a negative unless you have the minus set to zero.