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How do I find out if a product has been updated? And how do I get the update?


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I've had a number of people ask about this, sooooo, here we go! Yes, as with most things it's CIK (clear if known), right? ;)

Is there a charge for the updates?

No, if a product is listed as "updated", there is no charge for the update.

How do I get an updated version of a product?

All you have to do is re-download the product when you see that it's been updated.

Unfortunately we don't have a way in our store to note that things have been updated or automatically send out emails to customers when it's done. Also note that once someone's bought a product, we can't change the zip file name, so it will have the EXACT same name(s) as the earlier versions. Since we don't have the ability to do these things, we've set up threads you can subscribe to in order to see what's updated.

How do I know what date my current product was last updated and what was done?

Look inside the ReadMe file (see, we were right when we said we actually DO have important info there ;)). If there are any updates, you'll see a section right under the Product name section , with all the update dates and what's changed.

How do you know WHEN it's updated ?

We have an update forum: Product Updates

This is the main notification thread, which you should subscribe to it if you haven't already (top right of the page has the option to "Watch" the thread)

Product Updates - Main Notification

I do 3 things when I have updated a product and I've gotten the word it is actually IN the store.

First, I update the first post of that thread, which lists all the updated products and the last time they were updated. You'll notice that some say a particular date and then an "in store" date. The first date is the date inside the ReadMe file, the second, the date it actually was put in the store, if that's different.

Second, I create a new post at the end of the main notification thread, with the product & it's SKU, store page link, date of update and what's updated.

And third, I post in the thread (see that first link to the Update forum) which contains the product's SKU, so you can see what's been updated with a particular product and when it was done.


So, for example, the Unicorn update, which I posted the other day, tells you the "update date" inside the ReadMe file says 5-2-2020, and that the file was actually put in the store 5-4-2020, and what's changed. The "what's changed" is usually the exact thing in the ReadMe file.

10545 - HiveWire Unicorn
Store Link: HiveWire Unicorn - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CGCubed, Christopher Creek Art, and CWRW

5-2-2020 (in store 5-4-2020):
Replaced EULA with the ReadMe EULA info.

Added Iray materials to DS version, and moved 3DL materials to a subfolder.

Added Superfly materials to Poser version, and moved Firefly materials to a subfolder.

Added/updated some texture jpgs.

Updated Poser Load-All due to changes in Poser 11 so pmd file is found in deep or shallow search settings

Removed the following files, which are already in the HiveWire Horse Base

If you are updating, please delete the current material folders in Poser and/or DAZ Studio, then overwrite with the new zip file.

So, if the update thread's info is dated later than YOUR product, it's time to re-download it and get the latest and greatest!
Hope this helps!
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I have always made it a practice to type the word UPDATE at the end of the product I'm downloading. This way I don't automatically overwrite the original download, and if there's been a second (or third) update, then it will say UPDATE1, UPDATE2, and so on.

I don't necessarily install everything I buy when I buy it, so if I see I haven't installed it yet, I just install the latest version I've downloaded.

That may not be the easiest/best way to handle updates of products, but it works for me. ;)


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Added this to the first post:

Is there a charge for the updates?

No, if a product is listed as "updated", there is no charge for the update.