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HiveWire to support Poser Pro 11.2 and DAZ Studio 4.12 and above


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
Hi, all -

HiveWire has reached a point where we feel we need to move to creating for and supporting Poser Pro 11.2 Pro+ and DAZ Studio 4.12+.

As newer DAZ Studio General Release versions come out, you'll see that version number change for new products in the store.

The combination of the purchase of Poser by Bondware (Renderosity's parent company), the current low upgrade price from earlier versions ($99.00 if you own any versions dating back to Poser Debut or Poser 6!), and the reality that products created in the latest versions of Poser and DAZ Studio may not work correctly in earlier ones, have led us to this decision.

If you own Poser 11 or Poser 2014 Game Dev, remember that you MUST download and install the FREE update to Poser 11.2 Pro (there are several threads in our forum talking about that).

I am going to quote what Chris said, when we made the decision to move to ending support for earlier versions of Poser than Poser 10/Pro 2014:

"Change is often a hard swallowed pill, but is necessary to move forward and stay up with ever changing software developments. We greatly appreciate everyone's support of HiveWire, and the efforts we've made to date to support content for both Poser and Studio. We've reached that point that was sure to come, with regards to what versions going forward that we're going to support. We will continue to support both Poser and Studio, and that's a good thing.

We hope you realize that HiveWire's decision to create content for both software packages comes with a large amount of effort to do it properly. And as we do so, we still try our best to keep our costs down and remain competitive in this market, which is no small feat."


Products that are put in the store now will be labeled as requiring Poser Pro 11.2+ and/or DAZ Studio 4.12+

Will they still work in earlier versions? Possibly - some will and some won't. HiveWire's Beta and QAV teams will not be testing in older versions, and we will not guarantee that any newly released content will work in earlier versions of the software.

You can still create in earlier versions of the software programs, but HiveWire's QAV team will ONLY review in later versions (which should NOT be a problem as we find that most products are forward compatible). It is ok to keep the internal Poser version at 10 if you are creating in that version. If not, it should be listed as 11.

Both the ReadMes and Product Pages will note the current versions of the required program(s) are needed.

You can still choose whether to create for Poser or DAZ Studio or both.

You can still choose which Render Engine(s) to support. Please be sure to note that in Submissions and your ReadMe file.


On behalf of Chris & Lisa, as well as Paul & myself, I can't say it any better than Chris did in that earlier post:

"Again, the entire tiny HiveWire team is most appreciative of your ongoing support of our stated company goals, efforts and wishes. Thank you, thank you, we exist because of you."


That makes sense for Poser 11.2, particularly, as noted, the cost of the upgrade for those who have to pay. I can't say for DS as I don't use but I guess the argument is almost the same.


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
It's not as much of an issue for DS users as for Poser users - since the updates are free, I think most update as the releases come out (or before ;)).


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
Well, I won’t be buying Poser 11.... but then I do have a TON of Poser content I’ve bought over the years and I’m an old lady, so I guess I’m covered.... ;)
That is, it’s fine for me, but not HiveWire.... :( Though I also have been known to buy a Poser 11 model and it works in my 2014 .....

(And I STILL am going to scoop up Ken’s Peacocks as soon as I can.... when I solve my health problems... )

I love HiveWire sooo much and always spend my $$ here, over any other store! So I’m sending my best wishes to you guys... hmmmm this move could help get products through QAV faster, right? Oh and any animal Chris makes is a MUST too!


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
I have updated both but I think this will be the last time that I do that. I love creating poses but I also realize I won't be able to do that forever and I really would love to some time with poser & daz as I had intended when I first got started, to create Art.
Like Lyne, I have content to last me a lifetime, I love this place and I buy mostly for Dawn and her family.


Busy Bee
A hard decision, but I think this is a good decision; with the shutdown of the SmithMicro licensing servers, the pool of pre-P11 users will be considerably smaller -and continually decreasing as time passes- and there will be little payoff for the extra work of making new content backward compatible.

A lot of new items will still work in earlier versions, and most new items could be adapted to an earlier version, if someone wants to do so.