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Halloween 2018 event


Hi everybody!
It's a long time since my last message here :alien:
Well this year again Fantasy Attic is sharing freebies for Halloween (and yes, it will be the case for Christmas). The page this year is that one ; the month is almost fulfilled, so be sure it will be at least 1 freebie by day until the last day of the month :)
I made freebies too, so after few weeks, they will have the same destiny than other freebies: either in the Attic Free Zone , or in the Fantasies Realm Market
Trick or treat, have fun! :laugh:

(oh and there is music on the page, you can stop it, it's just after the green text)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
AHA! I was thinking about your annual Halloween goodies this morning. ;)


And today is the last day of month! Even if freebies will stay online for a moment on that page before their migration on AFZ or FRM, it's the moment to grab them!
And for the last day of October it's 5 freebies!!!

Happy Halloween! :alien::)