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    "Art is our one true global language. It knows no nation, it favors no race, and it acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible." ~ Richard Kamler

    Imagine ... such a beautiful word! Everything that comes after it is considered creation and here, creation is about the Art!

    In the 3D world there are so many imaginative, technical and non-visual things (that are an art form of their own) that need to happen behind the scenes before we can view a final product render that in turn inspires us to imagine and then moves us to create.

    Sometimes what we end up with doesn't quite fit with what we saw in our minds eye and then sometimes it's totally opposite and takes a life of its own, becoming something much more than we ever imagined it could be. Both scenarios are equal opportunities to celebrate, share, learn and grow.

    If you're stuck on something you just can't seem to get right you can share and ask for assistance in the Critique, Tips and Tricks area. When giving feedback here please be authentic, be considerate and be kind. There are real people with real feelings on the other side of the screen.

    Want to have some fun, stretch outside your comfort zone and maybe learn some new skills and make some new friends in the process? Visit the Render Challenge area to join in, cheer on or start a challenge of your own.

    Contests are a great way to focus and practice your artistic skills and we have some really nice ones planned for you. We'll be posting all of the details in the Contests area.

    When posting links and images, please remember that because we consider ourselves a "PG-13" site, we will not accept nude, sexually suggestive, abusive, extremely violent or gory content.

    Imagine ... and Enjoy Creating!

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