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Good Mr K

I'm sad to report that Mr K passed away last night. While we knew he was 15 and very poorly with pancreatitis. He had to be put down after he started breathing badly, the vet x-rayed him and found his lungs had filled with fluid, so she didn't have any choice.

But, if you can ever call it that, he had a good death.
The vets, 2 nurses and myself where there at the end and made sure he was comfortable and purring away.
Which I guess is all anyone can hope for.

As some of you know it was amazing that he'd survived that well. A few years back an animal hating neighbour placed sharpened sticks in the ground, which resulted in micro surgery for Mr K and later the loss of one back leg.

But despite that he was still the same, constantly wanting food, tripping people up and too darn good at being a 6am furry alarm clock :) Who I'm to going to really miss.

Miss B

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Ohhhh, so sorry to hear of the loss of your furry friend/family member. :grouphug:


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So sorry to hear this - it's so hard to lose a beloved fur baby.


Sorry for your loss. Human, beloved pet, the pain is still there and very real.



Sorry for your loss, they become members of the family, more so in some aspects as they are so dependant on us for so much.
Thanks everyone and yes very much so.
Tonight has been especially noticeable.

For years as he could't walk properly with 3 legs, he "stomped" which made a unique sound. Or would crash into things when trying to jump!
So anything that gets close to that has made us look.