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Getting "nerve"-vous about surgery

Thank you all for your well wishes! The compression bandage was removed back on Wednesday and my incision is healing up quite nicely. I had a allergic skin reaction to the pre-op solution they used on my arm which was aggravated by the bandage but that's now healing up too. I'm finally back on my computers and am slowing getting back to work on my art! I am still limited to what I can do around the house though. I can lift my little chihuahua Aayla with my left hand (she's about 8 pounds or less) but I can't pick up my chihuahua/rat terrier Pixie at all (she's about 12 - 15 pounds) for another three to four weeks since she's more than just one handful LOL. I'm still experiencing some pain but that's to be expected. Also I still have numbness in my two fingers and hand, the doctors say it will take a few months for the nerve to fully bounce back because it was so compressed prior to the surgery and cubital tunnel compression takes much longer to heal than carpal tunnel compression. Everything should be back to normal by my 6 month follow-up appointment.


That’s good to hear.
I‘m also glad you are using your dogs in place of dumbbells as part of your rehabilitation exercises... it’s very smart.
In general dogs are very soft and if you accidentally drop one on your foot, they usually just bounce once or twice and run off... well, depending on the breed... dachshunds tend to flop sideways and roll away.
I see you had the forethought to fatten one up in advance so you could work your way up to it as your strength returns.
After you’ve worked your way up to Pixie’s weight, you should consider fattening up Aayla a few pounds past Pixie while you are working out with her (or him) so you can continue to tone those muscles... once you’ve graduated from that weight goal you should have fattened up Pixie a bit more and so on...
I know you could probably just use a bunch of squirrels velcroed together and keep adding a squirrel or two as you need, but I’ve found that dogs are just easier to lift and seem to enjoy it more whereas the squirrels just won’t stop biting and struggling.
Depending on how quickly the rehabilitation goes, I’m sure you’ll be back to Penguin Wrestling in seven months tops.
You did say you were once an Olympic Penguin Wrestler... right?... maybe that was a different thread.
I forget... but it’s not a bad sport and the penguins love it.
I think.
Even if they don’t, it’s not a big deal, penguins hard ever complain.
Either way... it’s making a big comeback and if you were thinking about trying it, now is a good time.
Well, after you heal of course.
You know lots of famous people dabbled in Penguin Wrestling... Charlton Heston... Ben-Hur... that guy from the Planet of the Apes... (the movie, not the musical)... Wait... they were all played by Ben-Hur... or Charlton Heston... which one was the actor who hated monkeys and loved guns?...
Was it Doctor Zaius?... or is he that guy who has his own daytime show where he solves people’s mental problems.
Or is that Doctor Oz?... or Phil... I’m thinking of the one who is an ape... maybe an orangutan or some other ginger ape.
Well, regardless... It’s a very respectable sport... the “sport of kings” as they say.
Benjamin Disraeli and Abraham Lincoln were famous penguin wrestlers...
In fact if Disraeli hadn’t been forced to become Prime Minister because he lost a bet, he probably would have gone on to be a world class penguin wrestler.
I honestly don’t know how much of all that I made up...
Its still 2020 and I’m losing track of what is real anymore.
But it’s probably accurate... who knows... just don’t repeat any of that as fun facts in a conversation where you want to impress people.
In fact try and forget this.
Feel better and tell Pixie and Aayla I said “Woooof!”
(Stress the “Woo”, I don’t want them to think I’m being too familiar)

Get well and stay well!

Good luck.


Glad to hear you are on the mend. Having had 2 knee surgeries as a teen.... pain afterwards is normal. So is the incision itching like crazy as it heals.


And the delirium and the foaming at the mouth too...
Wait, no... never mind... thats rabies.
Yeah, itchy stitches are no fun.
Neither is the foaming at the mouth and biting people... so don’t play with rabid badgers, no matter how cute they are.