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flHWHorseMR 2017-02-07

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Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Faery_Light submitted a new resource:

flHWHorseMR - MR for the HiveWire Horse

flHWH Mr consists of three eye colors, five coat colors, five each manes, tails, and fetlocks and two bump maps.
The bump maps can bue used as extra textures as well.
There are transparency naps for mane, tail and fetlocks.

This package is a Merchant Resource and may be used to create commercial or free products.
You must add other details to the base textures to make it unique if you create commercial or free products.
Add facial features such as different muzzles or moles (yes, some...
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Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
I've update all the coats and bump, displacement maps so the seams I found are fixed.
Edited the mouth parts map so the tongue looks better.
It is the same link as posted here, just better files. :)