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First time you used a computer?

When did you first use a computer?

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I remember we had a large TV (for the time) and Dad hooked the C64 up to it each Friday and all the family (even Mum) would play Jumpman on it together :)


I first used a Commodore PET in school, then they started to get BBC Micros. I left school in '86. My first home computer was a CBM64 probably about '84 I think.


The first computer I ever owned was something called a Dragon, later I moved on to an Atari 800Xl, to which I added a 1050 floppy drive, a printer and Program Recorder. I can't remember my first PC but I am sure it had an Intel Pentium CPU.


My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1. I remember spending hours entering BASIC programs into the thing. I was probably in high school at the time. Other computers that followed were various Atari systems, Commodore C64, some Radio Shack Pocket Computers (one with portable 4-color plotter), some super awesome Amiga systems including an Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster (and Lightwave 3D 1.0), Apple systems galore (PowerBook 100, Color Classic, PowerMac 6100/66, PowerBook 1400, some PowerBooks that I no longer remember the model numbers, iBooks, MacBooks, and iMacs.) Currently, I use a 2011 27" iMac, 2015 Mac Mini, and 2016 12" Retina MacBook.

I don't recall what mainframe we used in college, but we started with Hollerith card punch machines and made our way up to dumb terminals with acoustic couplers to access the mainframe. Graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

First job right out of college had me writing in Fortran and ModComp assembly language on ModComp computers. These were directly connected to NASA hardware simulators and also to quad Honeywell mainframe systems. The NASA simulators and Honeywell systems flowed data through my ModComp and into the Firing Rooms to support the simulated pre-launch and launch (through 1 minute into flight) of the Space Shuttle. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with those systems. Did a couple of special projects utilizing ModComp systems for Lockheed that I can't talk about. That was stressful and exciting work.

Managed the only (at the time) dual processor system in Florida, a DEC VAX 11/782 system, while at Honeywell. Also managed and supported some DEC Alpha systems for engineering. We eventually ditchd our Honeywell mainframe and moved the business processes over to those powerful Alphas. Also, we used a mix of Apple and PC hardware in the desktop space.

I was a hobbyist software developer for Apple's Newton platform in the early through late 90's. Created the first handheld movie player and some 3D vector graphics apps (games and CAD app) along with some other multimedia oriented apps. Loved the Newton (precursor to iPhone and iPad.)

Was living in Tampa in 1995 when I picked up version 1 of Poser. Have used it ever since and am thrilled to be part of this community!



The first computer was an Amiga 1200 with a whole 16mb HD. I picked up a crude 3D program from somewhere which took a whole three days to render a (very simple) landscape!


The first computer was an Amiga 1200 with a whole 16mb HD. I picked up a crude 3D program from somewhere which took a whole three days to render a (very simple) landscape!
My best friend (now passed :( ) had an Amiga shortly after I met him. He ran a BBS on it. Prior to that, he ran it on a Commodore 128. No hard drive, so it was limited. But everyone enjoyed it. But when he got the Amiga, he could post shareware and display nice graphics. He had something that was very similar to Bryce on it. I was impressed. He eventually moved to PCs.