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FantisticFelines Pack 2

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
That poor mouse in the first two renders looks like he's about to get jumped on.

The two kitties snarling at each other in the last render look like their really ready for a cat fight. ;)
Hey, don't mess with another kitty's toy.
My kitties are surprised that a mouse would be brave enough to confront them. :roflmao:
I wouldn't call that mouse brave, more like either dumb or highly suicidal.:eek:
If that were my cats, the mouse would already be in one of my kitties jaws to be brought to safety so that they can play with her until death do them part....:devil"


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Yes, most cats would pounce right away.
We had two that were quick to catch them but they got lazy.
Sometimes all they did was stare at the mice and not move to catch it...lol.
Sometimes I think my cats think mice and rats and earthworms are interactive toys as they try to bring them into the house to deposit them in their toy corner :sneaky:.......oh, the discussion we had about that topic :rolleyes: