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Earl's Photoshop & Gimp Tutorial and Freebie Links


I had been posting tutorials and freebie links over at Rendo's Poser forum, and apparently it wasn't appreciated by everyone. So I thought I'd ask here first. I've been finding YouTube videos and tutorials for Photoshop and GIMP on how to do certain things in those programs. I try to keep them on current versions. And occasionally I even find brushes and plug-ins for those programs that people can use. I also try and make sure they're freebies. Is that allowed here? Where would I post them, if it is? I know there is a Photoshop Forum, but no GIMP. And mostly, do you guys want them?


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Hi, Earl - I've moved your thread over to the Freebie Link section of the Resources area, and renamed it Earl's Photoshop & Gimp Tutorial and Freebie Links. Please use this one thread to post ALL of the freebie (yes, they do need to be freebies) or tutorial links. This way, people can subscribe to ONE thread if they are interested, and ignore the one thread if they're not :). Thanks!


In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to place text behind anything in Photoshop. This text effect is often used in magazines and movie posters. This tutorial shows you how to easily recreate the text behind a person effect using non-destructive techniques.

From the video description they are using Photoshop CC but say you can follow along in CS6.



For the GIMP users out there, this tutorial is for you, same subject, putting text behind an image. Just so you know, the latest version of GIMP is available and free for download. You can check Content Creation on my directory to find a link. Just click my signature at the bottom of this post.


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OK, I have a link to a site where I've been subscribing to the newsletter for more years than I can remember, though I think it was back when I was using Photoshop 5.5, so a loooong time ago. Be aware, not all are freebie plugins, but if you click on the Products link, the section on the right are all freebies, and the owner of the site has a bunch he's created called Harry's Filters. Oh, and the newsletters are only 5 or 6 times a year, so you won't get inundated with tons of email.

The Plugin Site


I was trying to follow a GIMP tutorial, but it got away from me. I'll try again later. At any rate, thought I'd leave you with this link for 2,509 Photoshop brushes. As far as I know, they are ALL free. I do know that at least some of them work in GIMP as well. I will check and find out.

Free Photoshop Brushes