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DISCUSSION: Computer can't render a large scene

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
As I said, that is cool but in D/S there is something called Decimator which from my limited brain pan seems to reduce the density of the mesh for those times lower rez images can be useful. Does Poser have anything similar?
You can reduce the poly count on objects and on individual body parts (it's in the Object menu, and you can tailor the reduction amount), but you can't do a whole figure in a single process (unless someone's written a script for it or something?)
So Poser added a feature like that in the 2014 GameDev version and it's in Poser Pro 11 as well. Under either the Figure or Object menus you'll see Reduce Polygons if you have either of those versions. It gives you a popup like this:

So you can either use the slider, or even type in a number, and also deal with morphs etc. It's not a bad little feature.


well, if I switch back to 3DL... my comp handles it all just fine and with no hiccups. (jumps to 70% on start and finishes about a minute later) :x3:
but getting realistic metal effects in 3DL just cannae be doon. ;) :luck:

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Even with a 12 core Mac it is easy to over load a scene, I plan a scene, I ready and pose my characters and save them as a new character with in poser. Then I load my saved scene and then load my already posed characters and place them in the scene. now there is another way too...Make part or all of your scene invisible, you can also do this for any or all of your characters to free up memory load....Do this to load, dress and pose yet another character. Hair takes up a lot of resources, especially highly detailed hair, sometimes just making the hair invisible is enough to free up resources. reflections are another heavy resource user. It is very easy simply to make things like water invisible also until your ready to render. I work with a lot of invisible parts of a render as I continue to add some more characters and work with them then make them visible again to check their interactions and placement as to their relationship to the other actors in the scene then make some of my actors invisible to add to the scene. I do this matter of factly so much any more I don't hardly think about it. Course I do occasionally forget to make them visible again for the render, but having also gotten used to kicking myself on a regular basis for such mistakes it is all part of the fun... Hope this helps...
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