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Dawn Special Edition in Carrara?


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Hi Folks,

I have a support ticket where a customer would like to know if the new Dawn SE works the same in Cararra as Dawn SR1.

There's no technical reason why it should not work the same, but I thought I would ask since I do not use Cararra.

Thank you! :)


Hi Lisa B and everybody,
That was me who opened the ticket. :)
And I am still interested in the answer, of course, but I have to add something:

I tried with what I already got and I can confirm that:
Dawn SR2 works in Carrara 8.5.
You have to use the Daz Studio version of Dawn, though. Poser version - as stated before by Phil Wilkes in the Daz forums - loads but seems to break apart when you try to pose her.
Since you use the DS version, you cannot add Dawn through a poser Runtime. So, in the Carrara browser, instead of adding a new Runtime, you need to choose "Add Folder" and when the dialog asks which kind of files it is for, you specify that it is for "content" and not "poser runtime".

I understand that all this will probably be obvious to lots of people, but it took me some time to figure this out, so maybe someone else could find it useful as well...


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Hi Riccardo and welcome to the Hive! Thanks for confirming that...very useful for anyone else who uses Carrara...


Thank you everyone :)
Uh, there are other things I have to ask/say:
- My version of Carrara is 8.5 PRO, even though I presume it works in standard version too.
- The Grammar-Nazi in me asks if the thread can be renamed, as the correct spelling of the application is "Carrara" (like the Italian town) and having the title wrong maybe can make it hard to find?
- I was thinking to post this information on Carrara Cafe and the Daz forum post in which I found Phil Wilkes' help. I am not expert of forum netiquette: would this the wrong in any way?
- Dawn is working but there is probably a problem with ponytail hair: I load it on dawn, move her and save the file. When I open the file again the hair is replaced by a cube [I get this message on opening: an object description is missing in the file. Do you wish to continue (a cube will replace the missing object)?]
I hope this can be useful too :)


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Hi Riccardo...I think I've fixed it. I'm ever so slightly brain dead though so let me know if I got it wrong.

I don't think it would be a problem as it's relating to figures and how they work in Carrara.

I don't use Carrara myself so have no idea how to fix the hair. Sorry...


Hi and Thank you Pendraia, of course you did set Carrara's name correctly! ;)
Don't worry, I pointed out the Ponytail Hair problem just because it can maybe be helpful to the Hivewire people.
And in the same line of thought:

- Dawn Bikini is working. Dress her while in Zero pose. Its MATs work too, but you have to find the correct spot to drop them.

- Dawn ponytail hair: definitely Carrara cannot understand something about it properly. I also cannot set different MATs on the hair.

- Dusk is working and loads with correct default skin. But if I try another MAT, the model becomes black.

- Dusk Briefs do work.

I am new to Carrara, though, so maybe some of the things I say may be incorrect due to my lack of experience...
Anyway, I have to admit that knowing if Dawn Special Edition's new Heroine Hair work in Carrara will have some weight in my decision whether to buy her... :cautious:
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Just popped in, been real busy since March selling our house and buying a new one and then all the moving ect.. Just finally starting to settle in our new place and fired up the PC..

Hope you managed to work out the probs.. I'm not sure if I have Dawn's new release I shall go and look..


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Congrats on your new house, Stezza, and I do not envy you the packing and unpacking. I haven't had to pack up a house in 20 years but the scars still remain. It's nice to see you here in the forums again :)


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My aunt's been in her house since the sixties, so I'm not sure why it surprises me so much, even my sister has been in hers for nearly 35 years. It's the renting for that long, that's what it is, extremely unusual in NZ to be able to stay in a rented home for that long without it being sold from under you.