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Copper head Guy


I am thinking of creating a copper head guy character to sell on HiveWire or Renderosity or both?
I have photoshop and zbrush. I guess I can subscribe to 3D.sk to get photo references. Can I use the hobby plan and still sell the textures? Or do I need the other plan?

Or is there a cheaper way to get 2D photo references?

Is it better to start with Poser and convert to DS or the other way around? I want to also create an outfit and hair and etc for the character do not just textures and morphs.

Talking about morphs, how do I distribute the custom morphs?


You can't sell the 3d.sk textures on the hobby plan. But why would you want to when you really only need to use them as references. I use the colour picker in ZBrush or Photoshop to get an idea of skin tones from the references, then make my own textures. I would say to get the cheapest plan and download as many images as you can and you will have more reference images that you can handle.
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