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Cassie - New Assassins Comic Book Character



I would like to introduce you to the best character that I have created to this day. I’m really excited to share this brand new character from my Assassin Universe Comic Book.

You may ask why I am excited. It’s because there very few comic book characters that are female and disabled. Also my comic book character is badass. Actually when I think about all my comic book characters are badass.

You might be thinking how do I come up with ideas for new characters. I suppose watching lots of cartoons from the 1980s to present day helped and watching lots of movies inspire me to create new characters.

All the times that my parents told me to stop watching cartoons and look at what I am creating now because I watched too many cartoons.

I was actually inspired to create this comic book character because my college computing teacher, Mr Thomas, had a similar disability with his left arm. Mr Thomas had a major impact on my life during my college years. He was able to explain complex technological terms in simplified form that anybody could understand.

Also his out of the box thinking, changed the way that I think. I am very grateful to Mr Thomas and I don’t think that I would be the techy/creative person that I am today without his out of the box computing lessons.

Another thing that I have learned during this process is when you get an idea always write it down and take action. Don’t wait to implement your idea or your idea will never say the light of day.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have taken ACTION on your idea!