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Axel for Dusk - Now for DAZ Studio AND Poser!!


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
HiveWire 3D and 3DUniverse are delighted to bring you an update to Axel for Dusk!

He now has a full Poser version thanks to our own Paul Lessard with material settings that work with both Firefly and Superfly if you have Poser 11.

Axel for Dusk - A 3D Universe Creation

If you already purchased Axel for Dusk, simply re-download your product and you'll have BOTH versions at no additional charge :)

We've also added a free "Hands in Pockets" pose that Steve had generously created, and added a "restore fingers" pose as "Hands in Pockets" pose makes some digits of the fingers invisible. You should use that pose prior to changing from the "Hands in Pockets" pose to any other pose for Dusk.

So DAZ Studio users should also re-download the DS file.

Axel Character, Conforming Hair, Jeans, T-Shirt & Sandals
"Hands in Pockets" pose to match Jeans morph
"Restore Fingers" pose to use if changing from "Hands in Pocket" pose to another
Materials for 3Delight and Iray (DS Version) and a combination Firefly/Superfly preset for Poser (correct one automatically applies in each Render Engine.
Iray Requires DS 4.8+, Superfly requires Poser 11+

Thanks again to Steve Corder - 3DUniverse - for creating this great character for Dusk!!

This is the included pose (on the left):

Poser Superfly Render:


Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist

So much to buy and so little money!

Well, actually. Make that no money until the end of the month. Tsuki absorbed all my spending money. Greedy little kitten!


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
oh GOSH! I've always wanted Axel... but have to ask... will he NOT wear much clothing? I gave up using the lovely Alexis because she can't wear much. :( (unless I'm doing something majorly wrong?!)


One Busy Little Bee
Contributing Artist
You will need some way to transfer morphs from Axel or Alexis to the clothing. Either from Morphing clothes, or the copy morphs in PP2014 and higher. You can also use the fitting room but, that can sometimes mess the bits and pieces up.


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
well I do have 2014... and maybe clothes made for a "sister" or "brother" of a characters will WORK better in the Fitting room...

I have morph manager and know how to use it... still... this may be a LOT of work... I'll try it out with Alexis first... I DO so want Axel...

thanks, Sunfire, Alisa!

Edit: just tried the FITTING ROOM, and it pretty much messes up the clothing item...and to have these figures work with xdresser, it would need an Axel/Alexis add on... pretty sure the creator never made one. I MAY be able to FAKE IT... but... hmmm Alexis is CALLED DAWN in poser... maybe if I just scaled down the skinny jeans... not sure about transferring morphs FROM a figure to clothing... but am SO DETERMINED! I'll let poser users know... stay tuned!
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Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
IN POSER, SELECT THE JEANS AND SHOW HIDDEN PARAMETERS!!! Then I scaled, placed (DO NOT CONFORM!!!) and also used the many morphs IN the jeans... so this is the "best" way to get the illusion of using other clothes, I parented the jeans to her hip...

because the fitting room really did tear up the jeans and made the horrible "between legs" mess...

IS there any HOPE of having the basic Dawn/Dusk jeans and other clothes (Alexis can't go around town in her undies!) fitted to these figures? I'D PAY MONEY for such products! I adore these young people and I WANT to use them!

Also I THINK Lully's dynamic dresses could be scaled down and used on Alexis...now THAT is a thought...and going from there, any dynamic clothes for dusk could be scaled and put through the process!! oh oh! OFF TO BUY AXEL!

OH OH would Axil's jeans fit Alexis??????????


One Busy Little Bee
Contributing Artist
Lyne, if you use the copy morphs from option in PP2014, with the hidden parameters in Dawn unhidden, you can copy the Alexis or Axel (In Dusk's case) from Dawn to the clothing, and it is much more forgiving than the fitting room.


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
oh I kept forgetting WHERE to find the tool to copy morphs, thanks!! In the meantime, I GOT Alex and Alexis CAN wear his jeans...I just conformed, and then did some careful scaling of the jeans... and lookie! (I can't figure out why there is a line down Alex's arm, and his skin is NOT sss, so will find the line, and add sss via exskin2 when I have time) But I'm pretty happy and as I said, I can use Lully's clothes on both probably ! :)


and NO I was not using AO light...this is Fabi's develop light from her MildBoreal, slightly tweaked...
Yes, I just discovered today the Alex can wear ALL of Dusk's clothing.
1. Load Axel
2. conform the Dusk clothing item.
3. Go to "Copy Morphs from" in Poser 11
4. Select "Select none."
5. Check the "Axel 3DU" box
6. Click "OK."
7. Make sure that all 5 of the "When conforming" boxes are checked in the Properties window.


Contributing Artist
Hi Doug, have I welcomed you to the hive yet? Too early in the morning here and I can't remember...if I haven't then welcome. Isn't copy morphs a wonderful thing? I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't there when I was setting Diva up. The poor thing would have nothing to wear...I do wish that Poser had some sort of auto follow for clothing when morphing characters though.
While on this does anyone know if you can load custom morphs to an object in Poser and how it's done? If so please pm me.