Are all the 4-legged animals the same mesh and skeleton?

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    I was reading through the rat thread, and saw mention that at least some of the animals use the same mesh. How many of them? Do they share a common bone structure as well, just scaled as needed?

    I would love to have a set of basic animals that can be intermixed to create new ones!
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    To my knowledge Dawn, Dusk, Hivewire Horse, Hivewire Big cat, Hivewire Big dog and future Hivewire animals all share the same mesh. For your amusement I submit the Log part lion part dog.
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    rampa. It's good to see you exploring the forums now. Very cool. I'd like to answer your questions about the animals. Seeing that I modeled them, I should have an understanding of how things went.

    Okay, so... it all started with Dawn our female figure. I created her first. Then came Dusk, Baby Luna, Sora, and our Gorilla all came directly as morphs from the Dawn figure. So all the human figures are from the same mesh to this day.

    We also have a bunch of animals that share the same mesh as our HiveWire Big Cat mesh. The animals with paws, or feet all come from the Big Cat. Some of those being the House Cat, Kitten, Big Dog, Big Dog Puppy, other Big Dog breeds (in the works), our Cougar, Cougar Cub, Big Cat (Leopard base) cub, our Lion family, and the rat that you saw in another thread. Oh, and also our Dragon is a morph from the Big Cat.

    Now the hooved animals or ungulates all come from our HiveWire Horse base. We have many horse breeds available that are morphs from the Horse. We also have many, many in the works, like our Spanish Bull, Milk Cow, Mule Deer family, Warthog, Giraffe, Big Horn Sheep, Caribou, Reindeer, Moose and whatever else I might be missing.

    Hopefully this won't confuse you, but this is where some folks get the idea that every HiveWire figure or animal share the same mesh. They actually don't, but they really all started from Dawn. I morphed Dawn to make our Horse, and then reworked the mesh completely to be the Horse base. I later used our Horse base to morph our Big Cat, then completely reworked the Big Cat mesh to be it's own base. Then I used the Big Cat to create our Big Dog, and that mesh is the same.

    So to recap, we have 4 base figure shapes that are shared a lot with other figures and animals, those bases are:

    Dawn- All humans and bipeds
    Horse- All ungulates
    Big Cat- All other animals with feet or paws
    Elephant-Other elephants

    Here are a few forum threads that would be interesting for you to catch up on:

    How The Hivewire Horse (harry) Came To Be.

    RELEASED - HiveWire Dog Is Underway

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    Thanks, Chris :)

    Moved this over to a different forum.

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