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Anyone interested in Andy 2 freebies?


I was wondering if anyone is interested in some Andy 2 poses? I am praticing making poses in Poser 11 pro and wondering if anyone is interested in them if I could figure out how to distribute them?


The Wicked Witch of the North
Sounds a good idea, Alphina. If the zip is under 5mb you can upload it to the HW resources, if it's over that (and I can't imagine it would be being poses) Sharecg seems to be the most popular place to upload to.


Worked on creating zero pose set and zipped it up. It is here Andy 2 Zero Pose set
What I was thinking of is to make it easier to zero certain parts while keeping the rest of the pose the same. I am going to build more on it later, but it is getting close to eight pm and I cannot stay up all night. or I do not want to.