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Anniemation Products at HiveWire 3D


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Been doing product promos for 2 days and just couldn't get the horse jump right - until I grabbed the Anniemation for Harry! Thank you.



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Yay - cool animation set!

Traci, that looks great!


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Just had an issue with the testing of my latest product. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows this. Firstly, when previewing animations in Poser, untick the Skip Frames in the Animation drop down. Also, Poser is brilliant for setting up animations but is rather slow and choppy in playing them. The best product I've found for trying them out is Gif Movie Gear: GIF Movie Gear: Home I've used this program for over a decade. I always use this to view my animations, not the Poser program. To use it set up a folder where your renders will go, then click on the animation drop down in Poser and click Make Movie. A popup opens up, at the top choose image files at format and preview where is says Renderer. Then click Make Move at the bottom and choose your folder where you want them to go. Then open Gif Movie Gear and click the little file folder in the upper left hand corner, go to where your renders are and choose them. You can also choose to do avi movies from Poser but that is a whole different thing.


Firstly, when previewing animations in Poser, untick the Skip Frames
I too always set skip frames off. I use the tiny silver pinball button at the right end of the timeline... (shown "on" here)
timeline - loop and skip frames.PNG

Some other suggestions: If the animated scene previews too slowly, one can also temporarily click off any unnecessary lights.
The biggest single factor is probably preview display mode. If you're watching the preview to check timing and fluidity, then sacrifice color texturing and set the display to hidden lines, for example. The preview display mode buttons look like several billiard balls or globes. The further left/up in the array of balls, the simpler and faster the display mode will preview.
P11 display styles.PNG

You can also reduce the size of the document window while previewing, to help if playback is lagging.
A permanent improvement in preview playback can be gained by upgrading to a high performance OpenGL video card.


Dances with Bees
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As it turns out my HiveWire horse animations don't work on all breeds. So here's my first Sweet Deal! GoPony Gallop for the Shetland Pony! It's an all new 45 frame gallop gait.