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And the winners are ... 2017 SBRM Open Rendering Season Contest


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Congrats to the winners, great images all. I hope to enter myself someday, but there is definitely some stiff competition here.


Awesome work by all and congrats to the winners... and thanks once again Ken for giving everyone a chance at a great challenge each year... and Hivewire3D for their support of the challenge as well :)


Congratulations to the winners and all those who participated :)
Thanks to the judges for choosing one of my works ... and
thanks to Hivewire for bring me, to finally make some naturalistic scenes: it was some time that I did not them, and the contest was bring me to do it again. Excuse me for my poor English:)


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Congrats to all that entered - what a group of wonderful images.
And congrats to all the winners - I can't imagine how difficult a choice it was, but they certainly chose some beauties!!

And welcome to the Hive, hexchen_uta!


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I would love to hear comments from the judges on some of the other images besides the winners. Constructive (or destructive) criticism is always useful, and it's fun to hear what others think of one's work. Stuff other than "nice image..."


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All are winners in my book. Gorgeous pieces one and all. Congratulations!

Ken Gilliland

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I would love to hear comments from the judges on some of the other images besides the winners. Constructive (or destructive) criticism is always useful, and it's fun to hear what others think of one's work. Stuff other than "nice image..."

Unfortunately, not all the judges commented. The majority of comments are from Meghan Mertel, who is one of the Directors at Audubon California. Audubon California runs numerous preserves and centers, has had many successes in saving birds like the Tri-colored Blackbird, the Snowy Plover and California Gnatcatcher and helps to protect the Pacific Flyway.

For those who aren't familiar with the structure of Audubon; there are 3 tiers... the local Audubon chapters, the state organizations (only about 30% of the US states have these) and finally National Audubon.


Thank you guys so much!! It was such a happy surprise, especially because of all of the lovely entries!!! I'm so sorry I didn't post before; almost as soon as I saw the post I ran into some serious craziness here at home. Eek. But, this is not a time for icky news, I have happy things to share!

Howard is a REAL life hooded oriole that started visiting our newly revamped backyard garden this year. We planted EVERYTHING from daisies to zucchini, set up our old shell for an above-ground pond, and the very last thing (when we noticed more birds around) was set out feeders at the two back corners of the house. We'd been seeing hummies for days and days before the shock of my life occurred and I saw this GINORMOUS yellow bird robbing one of the hummy feeders for food out of the window next to me. OMG!!! At first I thought he was a bullocks oriole but on his second appearance I paid very close attention to his markings and pegged him as a juvie male hooded oriole. As of yesterday a GIRL hooded oriole showed up at the same feeder, too! He brought his girl! It's the most amazing thing!!!

I actually went and bought the "Strange and Unusual" pack just so I could make a picture to commemorate this totally serendipitous visitor in our lives. We're also seeing chestnut-backed chickadees, pacific-variety western scrub jays, California towhees, and also some titmice that I've only ever seen -once- but mom's seen many times and is still trying to properly ID because they're SO shy. (The pond/garden area was her mother's day present and, with her not getting around as much anymore, she's been really enjoying being able to sit out and enjoy the goldfish and birds.) She's seen a bunch I've missed and has the suspicion the chickadees are actually nesting our apple tree. But, Howard shows up around once a week or so at the feeder outside the window next to my computer and it's been such an amazing and uplifting treat. :)

Just had to share!! Congrats to everyone, the pictures were also so beautiful!!!!! Fewer things happier in life than seeing gorgeous birds everywhere. :)


So much fun to look through all of these wonderful images.
'What's our heading' is just incredible!!!
And I especially loved the 16 hummingbirds- love the rainbow of color and shape there.
Congrats to all of you!!