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Adventures in Zbrush - M3D Franklin



Every once in a while, I like to fire up zbrush (with cocktails) and play around to see what I can come up with. So, first let me share what I came up with after about a day of work.


The major things I did:

* Changed the torso shape to be more square and less hourglass in the waist area.
* Scaled the head smaller to match the body
* Scaled the eyes smaller and moved them in to be more realistic, imo.
* made the ears smaller and changed the shape
* Change the chest shape to be flat and moved the nipple area
* Smoothed the neck area and reshaped the head
* widened the abs
* Changed the glute shape
* Changed the thigh shape
* Changed the knee shape
* Changed the foot shape
* Changed the collar/shoulder area; added JCMs for lowering the shoulder to help reduce the gap under the arms
* made a prelimary face shape, to make it more realistic.

Once I got a head and body shape that I liked, I autofitted some Genesis 3 undies and some fibermesh body hair to the shape and rendered. I think it needs a lot more refining and correctives for bending to be used with common poses, but I don't think it was bad for the short time I put into it.


Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we have a Using 3D Software forum, with a good number of subforums for many of the popular 3D software apps, including ZBrush, and I believe those who use it often are more apt to look in that subforum for new posts relating to ZBrush. Folks use this forum more for showing of final renders, rather than projects they're working on. I can easily move this thread there for you, so just ask, and I'll get it done.


It is fine here, because it's not only about the software if you noticed what i was working on. Besides the 2nd render is finished.


Making art isn't just about just throwing assets into a scene and hitting the render button, sometimes it's about taking a figure and making it to suit your needs before adding it to a scene. In these threads some people talk about how they came about to create the final image; I started with that picture and the final image to show what I did with Dusk:



Thanks, I like the direction this character went. My art workflow revolves mainly around making the characters with the scenes. Here is the work I did on the back of the character: