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    Download page at ShareCG - Six-Bookrows Prop

    Here's what I wrote on that page:

    A single prop consisting of 384 books (six rows of 64 books) that can be fitted to most six-shelf bookcase. Includes morphs to give random-ish book sizes, and three alternative textures. Works in DAZ Studio too (and I'm working on a DS-native version).

    There's a magnet parented to it that can be used, via the controls under 'Individual Book', to tilt and pull out any one of the 384 books (unfortunately this bit doesn't work in DS3 :eek:( ).

    To use the prop with ANY six-shelf bookcase, first set the 'Close Gaps' under 'All Shelves' to 1. Then use the standard x/y/zTranslate, Scale, and xScale dials to fit the bottom bookrow to the bottom shelf. Next use the 'Adjust All' dial under 'All Shelves' to position the top bookrow on the top shelf. And finally, if necessary, use the individual 'Adjust' dials for shelves 2-5 to tweak those.

    There are two 'Quick Fit' dials for the two six-row bookcases I happen to have in my runtime. Simply parent the prop to the bookcase and set the appropriate dial to 1 - that's all !

    Of course, you may not want all the books the same size - simply use the 'Randomize All Books' under 'All Shelves' and/or the 'Adjust Odds/Evens' under the individual shelves.

    This is the second freebie from my book stuff project - . Seethe associated thread on the Smith Micro Poser forum for more information.

    The second image is another texture map for the bookrows. Use the 'View Original' option on this ShareCG page, download the image (it's a 2048x2048 JPG), and apply it in the Poser Material Room.

    Known problems (see the readme for full details).
    - In Poser you MUST parent the prop BEFORE using a Quick Fit dial
    - In Poser 6 the selection of individual books doesn't work properly.
    - No DS materials, and the 'Quick Fit' and 'Shelf/Book Number' dials are not restricted to integer values and are displayed as percentages.
    - In DS3 the individual book selection doesn't work.
    - The 'Quick Fit' for Seachnasaigh's bookcase (which was in OBJ format) is based on the way I imported it
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    Already downloaded when you posted this on the SM Poser forum, but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I even went and downloaded Seachnasaigh's Bookcase while I was there. ;)
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    It might be useful to know that I've added a proper description (edit: already included in the OP here!) and some 'how-to-use-it' pictures to the ShareCG page.
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