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A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4


Now available for download:

ShareCG - A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4 - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
DeviantArt - A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4 - DeviantArt
Renderosity - A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4 - Renderosity FreeStuffy

The Poser version will be available shortly*. If you can't waitthen there's an earlier Poser version of this (but only the rows, not the stacks), uploaded to ShareCG about six months ago.


Seven rows and seven stacks of books, with some adjustment sliders to give a bit of variation.
Both the rows and the stacks come in 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 book sizes.

Each book is a mesh of 88 vertices/86 faces, so the 64 book row/stack each contain 5504 faces.

Three different 1024x1024 texture maps (64 books per map) giving 192 different books in total.

3Delight and Iray material presets to apply each of the three texture maps.

I've also included (in the 'Extra Stuff' folder in the ZIP) a GIMP XCF file (and a Photoshop PSD) containing a template and notes for creating your own textures, plus the text and colours for the three included texture maps on separate layers.

The two included DAZ scripts are run as post-loads every time you load a prop or material preset and simply ensure that the 'Texture Row/Column' integer sliders correctly change the tiling offsets on the material.
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Two birds with one stone, wooHOO ! That calls for one of these ---> :happyflip: whatever one of those is ? Looks like a zaouli* dancer slipping on a banana skin to me...

Anyway, regarding the books: For more details I'd suggest visiting the associated thread on the DAZ forums, since that's the main thread for this - it's cleverly entitled "A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4"

Here's the URL - www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/345101/a-few-books-hardbacks-for-daz-studio-4/p1 -
if it's not allowed then please delete it. But it contains some useful extra information that isn't on the ShareCG, DeviantArt, or Renderosity download pages, and I really don't want to duplicate all that here.

*or zahouli if you prefer
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