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50 Shades of Love & Romance Community Contest


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I was in the act of posting the winning images, and I'm glad to see that Lisa just did.

We are so grateful for all of you that decided to enter this contest or challenge. We greatly appreciate your efforts and talents that have been displayed in this thread.

We will be in contact with the winning artists to make sure you get your prizes. Kudos to you all. Some very nice imagery that you folks have put together. This was a difficult challenge to pick the winning 7 images from so many high quality entries.


Thanks for a great contest. I feel sorry for you having go through the hard time of judging - man I would never be able to pick a winner, since I like all images in 1000 diffrent ways. I cant sometimes even dicide what to eat.
Congrets to all

And thanks for pick me for second :)

Miss B

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Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations to everyone who posted an entry, as they were all wonderful. :D


Congratulations everyone and good work all. Such lovely entries one and all, I sure wouldn't have wanted to be judging this one!!!

Gadget Girl

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Congratulations to the winners. There were so many wonderful images in this thread. It was great seeing what everyone did.


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To one and all !! Stunning and diverse images and I'm sure the judges had a time of deciding the winners!

Kudos to everyone who entered!! I hope to see your participation in future contests.


Just a question, I haven't heard anything about this since the winners were announced and was curious about how we would be notified about the prizes. No hurry but hope that I didn't miss an email or notification about it.