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  1. Dragon Ruckus Flying.jpg

    Dragon Ruckus Flying.jpg

  2. Angelic Confetti

    Angelic Confetti

    Playing around with Syckleyields Confetti scatter for Iray
  3. Angelic Repose Pink

    Angelic Repose Pink

    Dawn SE Pommerlis Little Miss Braided
  4. Angelic Repose Blue

    Angelic Repose Blue

    Dawn SE Pommerlis' Little Miss Braided Poses, Arki Wings
  5. Fairy moon

    Fairy moon

  6. Black Rain

    Black Rain

    Marnie by Mousso, Arki Malaik Wings, Miellyn Outfit, Dark-Sin outfit, Kadis Armor, Ron's Glitter, HDRI Fabi and Sveva
  7. Infinity Gate

    Infinity Gate

    Marnie By Mousso, Arki Malaik Wings, Miellyn, Dark Sin Outfit, Melidae Crown Cherry Blossoms, Kadis Armor, Ron's Glitter
  8. Fairy And Dragonfly

    Fairy And Dragonfly

  9. Winged Forest Catula

    Winged Forest Catula

    HW House Cat, CWRW Orange Tabby, Catula Morphs
  10. Winged Kitties

    Winged Kitties

  11. Soar 2

    Soar 2

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses. Only change was the using the Rider dial to move the feathers away from Dawn.
  12. Taking Off 2

    Taking Off 2

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  13. Taking Off

    Taking Off

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  14. Preening


    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  15. Landing


    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  16. Descending


    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  17. Celestial Kestrel

    Celestial Kestrel

    Winged Horse for the Hivewire Horse
  18. TigerFly


  19. Soar


  20. Starry Flitter

    Starry Flitter

    Done with the HiveWire Horse and custom morph.