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  1. Sisters In The Park

    Sisters In The Park

    As an avid reader, I always loved the beginning of Alice in Wonderland, where Alice runs off and plays because she is bored by her sister's book that doesn't have pictures in it.
  2. Gadget Girl

    Ao Dai for Dawn/Sora/Diva/Alexis

    So I thought it was about time I put together a thread for the outfit I'm working on. All the Dawns by Gadget Girl posted May 26, 2016 at 3:39 PM I haven't posted much on it recently, because I've been fiddling with lots of little bits to refine the morphs, and the textures. It will be a...
  3. Ao Dai for Baby Luna

    Ao Dai for Baby Luna

    A firefly render of all five brocade options for my Ao Dai for Baby Luna
  4. Kombat


    Testing out my dynamic outfit for Sora
  5. Dawn Ao Dai 2

    Dawn Ao Dai 2

    A test image from the front of my Ao Dai for Dawn, done in Superfly.
  6. Dawn Ao Dai 3

    Dawn Ao Dai 3

    A test Render in Firefly of my Ao Dai for Dawn.
  7. Dawn Ao Dai 1

    Dawn Ao Dai 1

    A test render of Dawn done in Superfly.
  8. Peony


    Another texture for my Ao Dai, this one does some interesting things depending on the lights.
  9. BlueFlowers


    A blue flower texture for my Ao Dai
  10. Lavender


    A lavender texture set for my Ao Dai for Luna
  11. PinkVines


    One of my textures for my Ao Dai
  12. Jump


    A slightly modified version of Dawn's jump pose on Luna.
  13. CrawlTop


    Same pose, this tim from the top so you can see some of the dropping better.
  14. CrawlSide


    A test of my dynamic outfit with Luna in her crawling pose.
  15. Draft1


    First render of the full outfit, although lots of refinement needed.
  16. Luna Ao Dai

    Luna Ao Dai

    A first draft of an Ao Dai vietnamese dress for Luna
  17. Luna


    A first draft of an Ao Dai vietnamese dress for Luna, run through a quick cloth sim.