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  1. ibr_remote

    nVidia Driver update has 2 flavours

    I just updated my nVidia driver, and I noticed it gives me a choice to install one of 2 versions: For games or for artistic creators ! I don't know how much of a difference it makes for Poser use, but I opted for the latter.
  2. ibr_remote

    Change to support system for Official Poser software by Smith Micro:

    Change to support system for Official Poser software by Smith Micro: PLEASE READ... Announcing the launch of our new Support System
  3. Alisa

    Product Updates - Details Sku 10000-10010

    10001 - Dawn SR1 Base last updated 1-22-2014 (Release) Store link: PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE 1/22/2014 You will need to add the new Dawn SR1 Base (sku 10001) to your shopping cart and go through the check out process. The Dawn base is still free, but the files for the base are new and...
  4. Alisa

    Product Updates - Main Notification

    Hi, all - This is a read-only thread where we will post to notify you of updates to product zips. "Watch" this thread or to the forum to be notified when new posts are made, so you'll know when products have been updated. I will post a new post in THIS thread when a product is updated. New...