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  1. Look


    I couldn't leave this cute little critter all alone in that big store so I had to take him home with me. Gave him a warm little nest in my Daz Runtime, so he can help me practice working in Daz. This is Pounce the Puma by the way.
  2. The Powerpuff Girls

    The Powerpuff Girls

  3. Redspark

    Toon Up Tutorials

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my three Toon Up tutorials with you on making a simple toon skin shader and various ways of making a toon outline including how to create a geometric outline without using the most recent version of Poser. I hope this will be useful to some. Thanks.
  4. Steampunk Fairy

    Steampunk Fairy

  5. Sakura


  6. Dick Dastardly

    Dick Dastardly

    A wet weekend modeling and rendering in Carrara
  7. Toon Love

    Toon Love

  8. Glitter Ponies

    Glitter Ponies

    Precious Clyde (and Precious Unicorn without horn)
  9. Catnicula


    FK HDRI lights, Rae134's Toony Albino Eyes, and CRWW's Tuxedo Coat textures
  10. Raffaella Girl

    Raffaella Girl

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  11. Precious Dragon

    Precious Dragon

  12. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Toon Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Toon Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Toon morph
  13. New Cat in Town

    New Cat in Town

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  14. Meet and Greet

    Meet and Greet

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  15. Garden Work

    Garden Work

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  16. Magic Maisie

    Magic Maisie

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  17. Yoga


    Sympatico Studio Promo
  18. Maisie Faerie

    Maisie Faerie

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  19. Keri


    Sympatico Studio Promo
  20. Red Hot

    Red Hot

    Maisie takes the stage!