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  1. Deep Space Research Base For Daz

    Deep Space Research Base For Daz

    Deep Space Research Base for Daz by BlueTreeStudio
  2. Deep Space Research Base

    Deep Space Research Base

    Deep Space Research Base for Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  3. Reach for the stars

    Reach for the stars

  4. Flight


  5. Moon Cradle

    Moon Cradle

    Moon Mother Dawn putting Luna into her Mooncradle. Dawn, Luna, Christening dress, Abigail Dress (With dforce applied to both) My background
  6. Kirin Rampant

    Kirin Rampant

    Serious space critter!
  7. Interstellar Kitty Love

    Interstellar Kitty Love

    We need kitty love, even in space! Maybe especially so. Promo for Anniemation's "Love a Cat" poses. Neuro Outfit by Prae, available at Renderosity.
  8. Harry's Horse trailer

    Harry's Horse trailer

    Modeled in Carrara..
  9. The Arrest

    The Arrest

    G3F has been naughty, Dawn is taking her to booking.
  10. The Clones

    The Clones

    Cyborg Sora
  11. Invasion


    Rendered & modeled in Carrara Postwork in PSE2018
  12. Falling


    playing with dForce
  13. Leo Glow

    Leo Glow

  14. Pink And Blue Space Horse- The Leap

    Pink And Blue Space Horse- The Leap

    Playing with Pendria's Multi-forelocks
  15. Prometheus' Garage

    Prometheus' Garage

    When I purchased the poser version of the Prometheus it didn't come with the Garage (or as I named it, the Cargo Bay Pod). I had to convert the Lightwave version to DAZ Studio and this is the one in the final render. UVed, rigged, and shaded.
  16. USCSS Prometheus

    USCSS Prometheus

    Scene: An exploration team of two exit their rover and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the planet Eve-347 IV. Vessel: USCSS Prometheus; Heliades-class space exploration vehicle.
  17. OrbotNewsLetter


  18. OrbotHomeAd


  19. Tug Breakup J

    Tug Breakup J

    Space Junk
  20. guaiamustudio

    SpaceSuit for Dusk - Daz Studio

    Hi Everyone!!! I created this Spacesuit for Dusk: It works on DAZ STUDIO and can be downloaded here: SpaceSuit for Dusk I hope you like it! Happy new yeaaar!!! ------------------------ Um abraço! (Hugs) Guaiamu Studio