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  1. F

    Script error?

    I'm using the Geometry Walker add-on for Maya. I have it in the scripts folder. When I try to run the python script in the script editor in Maya, it gives me this error: "No module named geometrywalker.qt.pickwalker_ui" Why am I getting this error? How can I fix it? Here's a link to the...
  2. F

    Scripts menu disappeared?

    In DAZ 3D, why did my scripts menu disappear? How can I get it back?
  3. Gadget Girl

    Poser Delete All Magnets 2016-11-28

    A quick and easy script to delete all magnets in a scene (and I do mean all!). This means it will undo anything your magnets are doing.
  4. brian foley

    Iray and 2d textures...

    I own ParticleFX for DS... The only thang stopping us from bringing this back to DS is this IRAY shader thing... All of my textures are 2d and my plugin uses mip mapping to help push the effects nodes... The problem is I havent found a good enough tutorial on converting over to IRAY...If...
  5. Faery_Light

    Poser's Utility script...so useful.

    I needed a way to see exactly what textures I had used in a several sets for a pack I'm doing. As I am still a member at RDNA I asked in the Poser forum and another member, willyb53a, helped me. All I needed was the drop down menu and the utility script. It lets one save out the scene inventory...