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  1. Dusk And Miss Kitty

    Dusk And Miss Kitty

  2. Secret Rendezvous

    Secret Rendezvous

  3. Western Outfit For Dusk2

    Western Outfit For Dusk2

    Rodrigo love the Bolo Tie and Conch Shell Belt decor that comes in the Western Outfit for Dusk. Lots of great colors for the clothing too. His mustang approves!
  4. Big Foot

    Big Foot

  5. Steampunk Adventurer

    Steampunk Adventurer

  6. In Darkness and Light

    In Darkness and Light

  7. Waiting


    No work, no money, they wait for a knock at the door.
  8. The Enforcer Closeup

    The Enforcer Closeup

  9. Tough Guy

    Tough Guy

  10. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer

  11. Say Cheese

    Say Cheese

    Hive Wire Photo Opt!
  12. Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon

  13. Jackson Study

    Jackson Study

  14. Captain Rodrigo Rr

    Captain Rodrigo Rr

    Are you ok? take my hand!
  15. The Race

    The Race

  16. Rodrigo Cowboy Pin Up

    Rodrigo Cowboy Pin Up

  17. Come Hither

    Come Hither

    HW Dusk, CWRW Rodrigo character and texture, HW Skinny Jeans
  18. CWRW

    CWRW Rodrigo Preview and Render Thread

    CWRW Rodrigo for Dusk - A CWRW 3D Creation CWRW Character Morphs for Rodrigo for Dusk - A CWRW 3D & CG Cubed Creation At long last, Rodrigo and the 4 character morph set for him are in the store! So this is now the official Rodrigo "drool room". Post YOUR Rodrigo renders and questions here...
  19. Dusk Dance 1

    Dusk Dance 1

    Just having fun playing with Dusk. Inspired by all those over the top, fun and fab Bollywood dance numbers:) Also features my Classic Denims for Dusk Skinny Jeans and my Rodrigo texture for Dusk soon to be released. LOTS of Ron's Brushes put to work here too:)