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  1. D

    Audio Resources for Animators

    As animators, you will no doubt need access to music and sound FX to score your projects. Since not everyone can afford to purchase commercial sound libraries or music services, I will happily share with you some links I have accrued over the decades. Important Notes Always make sure to check...
  2. D

    KageRyu's Community Gifts

    I had thought I already started a thread like this, but since I am unable to find it, here it is. I just added a set of poses for Dawn for Summoner's Witch's Broom that can be used for the dramatic or whimsical alike. They can be found at these links: Witch's Dawn - Poser - ShareCG Witch's...
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Artistic Resources

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I started a new thread. A group I belong to on Facebook, had a member post that the following sites were open for reference material, and that she could also do higher res pictures (likely for a price). Shire Horse Society Spring Show 2017 UKshires.net - the...
  4. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's flMR for HWH:WIP

    So while waiting for all my feedback from testers for BeJeweled I worked more on a project that has been on the back burner for a bit. Here is what I've been doing, keep in mind that this will be a resource pack and I have not added any bumps, specular or displacement to these images. The two...
  5. NapalmArsenal

    RELEASED Hearts Of Africa Series

    Hearts Of Africa This is a collaboration effort among KageRyu, Seliah (Child of Fyre), and myself. We have formed a background image group and are centering the Hearts of Africa Series around different areas in Africa for your background images, HW Gorilla and Taka needs. Jungle Depths...
  6. Gadget Girl

    Adding a new resource

    Okay so I feel silly asking this, but I can for the life of me figure it out, despite the fact I've don it in the past. How do I add a new free resource? I can see the resources I've added before, but I can't see to find the button to add another one.
  7. LisaB

    Guidelines for Resources

    We have a new Resource Section here in the HiveWire 3D Community forums where you can upload files or share links to files uploaded elsewhere. HiveWire Family Freebies This section is for items you have created specifically for our HiveWire 3D figures. Sub-categories have been created to...