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poser 11

  1. Taka Head Study Superfly

    Taka Head Study Superfly

  2. Wind Dancer

    Wind Dancer

    Playing with my InStyle poses for Dawn & poses for the Dragonbraid
  3. Loss


  4. Preview Render Settings

    Preview Render Settings

  5. pommerlis

    Looking to upgrade

    At the moment I use PP2012 and I'm saving to upgrade. But wich one shall I choose. Poser 11 or save a little longer and upgrade to PoserPro 11?! Can anyone help explain the difference and wich version you guys would prefer? Thank you.
  6. Common Starweed SF WIP

    Common Starweed SF WIP

  7. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    How to deactivate so that I can reactivate?

    I have apparently used up my activations for Poser 11 during my whole, move computers, wipe computer drive, wipe computer drive again, reinstall again, fiasco last month. How do I get it to let me activate again? I should say, I've been to Smith and it wants: Deactivation certificate file...
  8. RobZhena

    RobZhena's Freebies

    Here is a link to my freebies page at Rendo. Most are for Poser 11 Pauline and Paul, but I also have a Heroine Maisie for Hivewire's newest young lady. Cheers!
  9. Deecey

    Deecey's Hivewire Products

    Deecey has arrived at the Hive with five products created in collaboration with Nerd3D! Maisie is a cute and sassy toon female with full Poser 11 feature support Store Page: Maisie - Weight Mapped Toon Female for Poser Hex for Maisie ... Maisie's in the Shell! Store Page: Hex for Maisie...
  10. Healing