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  1. Native American Woman

    Native American Woman

    made using Genesis 8 Female and Benita by Saiyaness
  2. Rumour


    Meet Rumour. My first Genesis 8 Female render The face is G8F with some dial spinning. G8F with V8 skin and G3F hair and clothing. Comments are welcome
  3. Jeune Fille En Rose

    Jeune Fille En Rose

    Another experiment of DOF
  4. Lucy


    A portrait of Lucy. Done in Iray Pix Lucy + MDD Jerica Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  5. Watching


    (just trying to work out how to upload pictures here again)
  6. Roxanne


    My first attempt of a portrait in DS / Iray. I still don't have the lighting down, but it's a start. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  7. Hardware


    Hardware : Featuring Face Metal Gear from Ghostman and Biscuits The PG-13 Version Comments are welcome Thanks JV.
  8. KeiraLois


    Keira Revisited Comments are welcome
  9. Vamp


    Happy Halloween Comments are welcome Thanks JV Crow Hair by Biscuits
  10. Delany


    Short haired cutie. Comments are welcome Thanks JV Credits : Vela Hair by Biscuits. morphs and textures by SV7, Maddellirium, 3DSublime Jewelries by Fabiana
  11. Black DragonSteed Portrait

    Black DragonSteed Portrait

  12. Moon And Sun

    Moon And Sun

    SV7 Moon, FK Rapsody hair
  13. Nature Girl (Testing SV7 Lora)

    Nature Girl (Testing SV7 Lora)

    Lora by Seven
  14. You Are Too Kind...

    You Are Too Kind...

    Dawn SE with 3Dream's Anemone hair, OOT's Dirndl 2013 with Romantic-3D texture
  15. Summer Is Near

    Summer Is Near

    Lavinia for V4
  16. Spring in city

    Spring in city

    Still experiment with Vanilla Sky
  17. Darken


  18. Somewhere In North India

    Somewhere In North India

    Modern Muse Chandra somewhere in her homeland. Custom SF shader with combination character's SSS maps and custom SSS mask.
  19. Monica_WindySky


    Base images rendered in P11, and then composited. Some postwork to touch up the hair and add interest to the background.
  20. The Western Shetland

    The Western Shetland