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  1. Summer Sleek

    Summer Sleek

    Summer Sleek Hair and Accessories for G8F by ArtTailor
  2. Thea


    Thea HD for Genesis 8 Female by Marcius
  3. Sara


    Sara featuring Gili Hair 3 in 1 by Biscuits Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  4. Oh Bettie (Noir)

    Oh Bettie (Noir)

    The Noir Version
  5. Oh Bettie

    Oh Bettie

    Homage to the queen of Pinups
  6. Popped !

    Popped !

    Look ma, no hands ! Inspired by the recent heat wave that hit my area Comments are welcome! Thanks JV
  7. Bettie Page 2014

    Bettie Page 2014

    A render from 2014
  8. Off Shoulder Tee

    Off Shoulder Tee

    dforce - Off Shoulder Tee - G8F by kaleya
  9. Spring Flirt

    Spring Flirt

    dforce - Spring Flirt - G8F by kaleya
  10. Rejuvenate Dress

    Rejuvenate Dress

    dforce Rejuvenate Dress G3G8 by nirvy
  11. Keyhole Dress

    Keyhole Dress

    dforce - Keyhole Dress for G8F by Kaleya
  12. Angelically Naughty

    Angelically Naughty

    dforce only Angelically Naughty G8F by nirvy
  13. Slit Dress Package For G8F

    Slit Dress Package For G8F

    Slit Dress Package for G8F by RainbowLight
  14. Showgirl For La Femme

    Showgirl For La Femme

    Showgirl for La Femme by Glitterati3D
  15. Dragons Say The Most Amazing Things

    Dragons Say The Most Amazing Things

    A little experiment with Oresties HDRI Autumn Sunsets
  16. Bombshell


    As the title suggests... Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  17. La Roux

    La Roux

    One of those red hair days.... Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  18. I'm Cupid, Stupid!

    I'm Cupid, Stupid!

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  19. Sinful Dawn

    Sinful Dawn

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  20. Carrara Odd Girls 14

    Carrara Odd Girls 14

    Part of my second Odd Girl Project created in Carrara. The figure in this image is V4 (I believe this is pre-Dawn). This was my first go with an all procedural skin in Carrara.