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  1. Creating the Nebulae.jpg

    Creating the Nebulae.jpg

  2. Iray test 4.jpg

    Iray test 4.jpg

    Test Shot
  3. Iray test 5.jpg

    Iray test 5.jpg

    Test Shot
  4. Iray test 3.jpg

    Iray test 3.jpg

    Testing shot
  5. Herald of Spring

    Herald of Spring

  6. Flutterheart


    Created with Ladylittlefox's Precious Unicorn and Precious Griffin RDNA's hearts scatter
  7. Goddess Of Horses

    Goddess Of Horses

    If wishes were horses I would make them Fly...
  8. Canyon Flight

    Canyon Flight

    Harry Wings Unicorn Pinto Background and post work in PD Howler, 11.
  9. The Arrival

    The Arrival

  10. In Flight

    In Flight

  11. Soar 2

    Soar 2

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses. Only change was the using the Rider dial to move the feathers away from Dawn.
  12. Taking Off 2

    Taking Off 2

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  13. Taking Off

    Taking Off

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  14. Preening


    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  15. Landing


    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  16. Descending


    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  17. Celestial Kestrel

    Celestial Kestrel

    Winged Horse for the Hivewire Horse
  18. Anthem For The Angels

    Anthem For The Angels

    Winged Horse For the HiveWIre Horse
  19. TigerFly


  20. Horse Of All Kind

    Horse Of All Kind