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  1. Soft Desert2

    Soft Desert2

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray 3D Generated. Change of a few parameters, using the same ocean maps.
  2. Soft Desert

    Soft Desert

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray 3D Generated. Change of a few parameters, using the same ocean maps to make a desert.
  3. Winter Sea

    Winter Sea

  4. Under Sea

    Under Sea

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray 3D Generated.
  5. Rolling Sea 1

    Rolling Sea 1

    PD Howler- PuppyRay generated 3D Ocean.
  6. Morning Seas

    Morning Seas

    Been playing with PD Howler a bit, using PuppyRay to generate 3D ocean scenes.
  7. Unicorn Island

    Unicorn Island

    FlowScape and PD Howler
  8. AR-Secluded Bridge-sm

    AR-Secluded Bridge-sm

    Tribute painting - Bob Ross - Secluded Bridge. PD Howler 2019
  9. Tranquil Lake

    Tranquil Lake

    Was listening to Epic Oriental music list. This is what came out. Very pleased with it! PD Howler, as usual.
  10. Dusk Faun

    Dusk Faun

    Dusk as faun, using Sparky's Reindeer for Dusk, CWRW's texture for Dusk, My background painted in PD Howler.
  11. Waterworks


    PD Howler - Rendered
  12. Tropical Isles-sm

    Tropical Isles-sm

    PD Howler - Rendered
  13. Sunrise After Storm-sm

    Sunrise After Storm-sm

    PD Howler - Painted
  14. Skimming The Water-sm

    Skimming The Water-sm

    PD Howler - Rendered
  15. Sandstone Watering Place-sm

    Sandstone Watering Place-sm

    PD Howler - Rendered
  16. Mountain Snapshot

    Mountain Snapshot

    PD Howler - Painted
  17. Moonrise Magic-sm

    Moonrise Magic-sm

    PD Howler - Painted
  18. Lake Again

    Lake Again

    PD Howler - Painted
  19. Cathedrals-sm


    PD Howler
  20. Elfin Contemplation

    Elfin Contemplation

    Dragon Braid for Dawn Tenacity Action Suit for Sora Mystic Path by Immortal Moments Arts Braid Pose by Pommerlis