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  1. Bungle in the Jungle

    Bungle in the Jungle

    Strange Hunters stalk Alien Jungles
  2. Pandora Sunrise

    Pandora Sunrise

    Created in FlowScape
  3. Deep In The Jungle

    Deep In The Jungle

  4. True Peace

    True Peace

  5. Dark Brothers

    Dark Brothers

    Black Lions! I modified the textures in Photoshop to produce this tawny-black lion. I am very happy how it turned out. Please let me know what you think!
  6. Hippo Attack 00

    Hippo Attack 00

  7. Walking The Cub

    Walking The Cub

    Even in the jungle there are chores to do.
  8. Jungle Cat

    Jungle Cat

    HW House Cat, Cougar Cub Coat Texture, Catula Morphs for HW House Cat
  9. Jungle Princess

    Jungle Princess

  10. Beauty Tames The Savage Heart

    Beauty Tames The Savage Heart

    Hivewire Big Cat Leopard
  11. Waiting


  12. Kali Ma

    Kali Ma

    HiveWire Big Cat, CWRW's Leopard for the HW cat
  13. Cool Drink of Water?

    Cool Drink of Water?

    Taka, Hivewire Big Cat, Lisa's Botanicals with Jungle Heat Textures
  14. Purrrfect Repose

    Purrrfect Repose

    Taka, The Adventurer Outfit, Tropicals II
  15. Taka Sexy!

    Taka Sexy!

    Done with CWRW's Taka for Dusk background is from Hearts of Africa Lost Legends
  16. Jungle Love

    Jungle Love

    Ruckus with Dante texture and head morph. Dawn with a slightly modified Taji texture (made eyebrows a bit more feminine) and VW African head morphs.
  17. Ruckus And Bud

    Ruckus And Bud

    Ruckus and Gorilla mixed at 100 % with Gorilla head turned down to -89% Ready to Rumble!
  18. Each New Day Brings A new Battle

    Each New Day Brings A new Battle

    Used Hearts of Africa Jungle Depths
  19. A Mother's Heart

    A Mother's Heart

    Mother and cub sharing that special bond.
  20. Dawn Clouds

    Dawn Clouds

    Just a quickie for fun.