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  1. Sunrise in the old garden

    Sunrise in the old garden

    Fantastar with my Iray shaders, Iray sun/sky
  2. Starling On Starweed

    Starling On Starweed

  3. Waltz around little one

    Waltz around little one

    Starweed and Fantastar with my Iray shaders, Iray sun/sky, spectral rendering cie1964/natural.
  4. Whimsy And Everlasting

    Whimsy And Everlasting

    Lisa'sBotanicals Carnation, my Iray addon (QAV jan 2107)
  5. Flowers On Pale Blue

    Flowers On Pale Blue

    Lisa's Botanicals Carnation, my Iray addon to it (QAV jan 2017)
  6. Baby's Breath

    Baby's Breath

    Baby's Breath from Lisa'sBotanicals Carnation, my shaders :)
  7. Uneasy Model

    Uneasy Model

    Simple exercise in composition and lighting V7 character, iray
  8. Conquistadore


  9. Tia minus makeup

    Tia minus makeup

  10. Alexis


  11. How Tiger Catches The Sun

    How Tiger Catches The Sun

  12. Fantastar - Summer Carpet

    Fantastar - Summer Carpet

    Pure draft, but I love the feeling...
  13. Starweed: Blending with background

    Starweed: Blending with background

  14. Here It Comes

    Here It Comes

    Miu Zen for V6, Medieval Cloak, Medieval ShortBoots, OOT Deepr, Pearl Hair, Iray Worlds
  15. Carnation


  16. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen

    Just how I want my Arrow - topless :D Iray render, postwork (filter and painting)
  17. The Chase

    The Chase

    Dawn, Harry (with custom coat) and AM Wolf 2 (with LAMH)
  18. Hydrangea


  19. Roses


    Rose cup by AnimaGemini. My shaders.
  20. Cool, Not Crazy!

    Cool, Not Crazy!