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hw horse

  1. As One

    As One

  2. Dancing in the deep.jpg

    Dancing in the deep.jpg

  3. mininessie

    Poser Little deer mn poser 2019-06-03

    this is the version for poser ,a cr2 and a zero pose to keep the shape and size. It is not perfect,but i hope you can use it for your art,can have some issues,but i think it is usable. Please ,let me know if it works ok! You need HW Horse and Mule Deer
  4. Peacock Kirin

    Peacock Kirin

  5. One Perfect Moment

    One Perfect Moment

  6. Preparation For The Royal Wedding

    Preparation For The Royal Wedding

    I love my HW models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Black Stallion

    The Black Stallion

    HW Arabian, HW Horse
  8. Treasure S Guardians

    Treasure S Guardians

  9. S


    Hello, Not sure where to post this, (please move if needed.) I am starting to build a (Horse)carousel. I purchased [a license to use] the HW Horse and need some info as if I can use a posed static model(obj file) of HW Horse to create a mesh around [the shape of] it. I would not be extracting...
  10. dont worry sweetie ,i am here!

    dont worry sweetie ,i am here!

  11. Prayer Flag-md

    Prayer Flag-md

    Dusk with Taka Skin, HW Cowboy hat, Sanbie, casual outfit, HW Saddle, HW Western Bridle, Predatron 3d Flag, HW Hero hair, HW Horse with Quarterhorse skin. Emulating a picture I found, liked the sentiment.
  12. Neon Painted Pony

    Neon Painted Pony

    Sneak Peek
  13. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Testers for Unicorn Fantasy Textures- DS

    Early Stage testing. DS materials only at present. Need Unicorn for Harry
  14. Conquistadore


  15. Mid-Morning Ride-sm

    Mid-Morning Ride-sm

    HW Rocker HW Harry - My Textures HW Classic Bridle HW BabyLuna - Boy morph Glitterati Sleeper - My Texture Graybeard - Boarding House
  16. Don't Kill The Messanger

    Don't Kill The Messanger

    HW Harry in the Fairy Steed Morph and the Dragon Steed Skin.
  17. Winter Frolick

    Winter Frolick

  18. Pink And Blue Space Horse- The Leap

    Pink And Blue Space Horse- The Leap

    Playing with Pendria's Multi-forelocks
  19. The Fairy Steed

    The Fairy Steed

    HW Harry OP Unicorn Horn Heart of the Jungle Butterfly Broach from Butterfly Dress MLW Butterfly textures dcFairyWings FlowerBundles from ART_Planter Postwork in PD Howler10 My Mane, Tail, Fetlocks